Internet Marketing is All About People

Internet Marketing is All About People

I’m in marketing and advertising and naturally, my responsibility is to help my Presenting Check to Kym Ngclients make more money. Is making money the be-all and end-all? I never thought money was the end. With greater wealth comes greater responsibilities. The World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007 held in Singapore from 26 to 29 May 2007 allowed me to catch a glimpse of the power of viral marketing at it’s best

Internet guru Stephen Pierce was given the challenge to raise USD100,000 within 72 hours to feed 1 million hungry children. We broke the record by the 64th hour and that was a joyous moment for all of us who were present at the seminar. How did it work?

Click for More InfoIt is best summarized in Jim Collins’ The Hedgehog Concept , published in his famous book Good to Great. It is not the goal to be the best, a strategy to be the best, a plan to be the best. It is an understanding of what you can be the best at. What are you best at? What drives your economic engine? What are you passionately about? Stephen Pierce excels in the methodology of churning out millions of dollars via the internet. That’s what he is best at, that is how he cranks his economic engine and that’s where his passions lie. He used his knowledge and experience to get really rich and he is empowering his proteges to make money online. But he did not stop there.

With the support of his wife, family and local supporters, the team emailed fellow internet gurus to propagate the “Feed the Children” charity drive. I knew they responded because I received an email from Yanik Silver. We, the participants, at the summit were urged to download “The Influence of Third Power” report so that he would donate a plate of food in our names. After I had downloaded, I was given a chance to multiply my gift by feeding more children and receive a nice collection of marketing resources from top experts like Jay Abraham, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Joyner, Mike Filisaime etc as a ‘thank-you’ gift.

Why did people response? Credibility, Value and the bigger picture of Doing Good. Those who came in touch with Stephen Pierce in person will feel the sincerity in him. I heard him speaking at WIS twice. He would talk in length about the methodology about making big on the web, but he would also talk about doing good, using knowledge, fame and wealth. The future is not an optional event, everyone is going to be there. The big question is how you are going to show up.

Sure, his success report “The Influence of Third Power” are excerpts from his book and some have accused him of using that as a bait to sell his book. But, there are values and lessons you can take away in that short report. If you decide to buy the book because you benefited from 1 or 2 tips you picked up, why deprive the man from earning the money he deserves?

Netizens trust Stephen. His fame and credibility not only got him the downloads, it also helped the “Feed the Children” solicitation email being circulated. I sent a short message to my social network, blogger friends, friends, colleagues and contacts. That’s how it flows. Some people don’t know Stephen Pierce but they know me. People who trust me would value my opinion that the download is for a greater cause. Perhaps they may not contribute $8, $24 or $30 but they would send the email to another 2, 3 , 5 or more people. The charity drive will take on a life of it’s own. The multiplying effect kicks in without anyone spending a dime. And in less than 72 hours, we achieved our goal.

As a marketer, you may say: “OK, I have credibility. My clients trust me and have a relationship with me. My products/services are great and definitely a good solution to their problem. But I don’t see the bigger picture beyond this, so how?” The big picture need not be as ambitious as to feed 1 million children. It is the understanding that by offering integrity in product development, marketing, communications and every aspect of business transaction, you are contributing to the entire industry. People will use you as a benchmark, people will talk about you and people will refer you. At the end of the day, you benefit by getting known, talked about, having product sold, etc.

When you take away the wires and cables, the internet is all about people. What you give, you are most likely to get back more, much more.

Check out more information from CalvinWarr who also attended the seminar.

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One Reply to “Internet Marketing is All About People”

  1. Hi Vivienne,
    This internet summit was really a success, though I slept through John Childers though (just not interested). But the rest of the speakers:

    Stephen Pierce – Powerful speaker, he is both motivational and inspirational.
    Mike Filsaime – A total businessman image. I like the way he presented and the confidence that if you join his mentorship, you will definitely succeed attitude.
    Ewen Chia – I would love to have his database of 300k customers. Amazing!
    Armand Morin – Absolutely entertaining and yet gave us so much ideas of creating and selling from $0 creation.
    Mark Joyner and Jay Abraham – These 2 are really the gurus of their trade, and Jay Abraham, absolutely amazing.
    Tom Hua – I never knew the power of viral marketing until he came on stage.
    Brett McFall – I am in his mentorship program now so I am definitely impress by him. Copyrighting is such an art.

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