Give your Facebook password for a job?

Give your Facebook password for a job?

I just read this article and have been hearing a lot about this topic from various sources. In essence, this is a case of trust. If the company does not believe what you say and want your passwords to verify, then it begs the question: why are they hiring you?

If the interviewer asked you to undress to “verify” that you are male/female, would you do it?

If the interviewer asked you for your bank PIN codes so they can “verify” you are ask rich/poor as you claim, would you do it?

Everyone knows that an interview process and background checks do not guarantee that you will end up hiring a top notch employee. There are just too many factors. Even a top-gun coming into an environment where he cannot get along with other colleagues, will make him a mediocre performer at best and a destructive force at worse.

If you entered an online contest and it asked you for your Facebook password to win $1 million – will you do it?

Asking for passwords to delve deeper into a person’s private live is not really ethical. It is called prying. So, why is it wrong in your neighbourhood but becomes right when a prospective employer does it?

There is a word for doing something in return for the hopes of getting paid… let’s not say the word out loud…

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  1. Nice article .thanks bro. Your article is awesome and very use full. I really like your website because it always contain use full information.

  2. I’ve never heard of anything like this happening at a job interview! Where did you hear about it? I completely agree with you, any question about passwords from an employer would be seen as shady. Some companies hire private detectives to see if the candidate has a criminal record.

  3. I would not do that. Giving your password is not recommended and could be even forbidden by Facebook. If people that want to hire someone are doing this, they just suck at determining if a person is good for the job. The character is the most important and an experienced person can understand the people he speaks to pretty quick. Some kind of psychological tests can be used as well but this is just wrong.

  4. I agree that facebook could be an idea social media to start a business. Thanks a lot for sharing such information on this post.

  5. I did read about a recruiter asking a potential applicant for their Facebook password. You did bring us some important points to consider. It does look like employers want to leave no stone un turned – literally.

  6. Hi, I have done many reference checks on prospective employees and have never asked for passwords. It seems very shady to me.

  7. great read.. liked your article and agree that face book would be of a great help in starting the business but then giving the password of the face book account is a kind of scary thing

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