No Client Is a Problem

No Client Is a Problem

“The most dangerous thing that can happen to us, I think, is to permit a feeling to develop that any client is a problem. I have always taken the attitude that no account is a ‘problem account’ but that all accounts have important problems attached to them – that you can waste more time and burn up more nervous energy by fighting a problem than by taking a positive attitude and solving it. It sure gives you a nice, warm glow when you do.”

Leo Burnett, quoted in 100 LEO’s, Chicago, IL: Leo Burnett Company, p. 75.

No client should be seen a problem. However, their problems can be our concerns. We are the problem solver and that’s what keep us in business and them as our clients.

We are inviting unnecessary stress and telling the universe that we don’t want business if we think and regard our client as a problem.

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  1. Hi Viv

    While no account is a problem, there are obviously challenging accounts from time to time. Very often it is about people management and fulfiling expectations.

    It is thus also important that we know when to say “no” to an account so that it does not become our problem account.

    However, once we have accepted the challenge of taking on an account, fulfill it to our best ability and go the extra mile – even if it does not seem to be appreciated. Other clients will take note of it.

    Thanks for the post.

    All the best
    Lionel Koh

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