Small Business Web Hosting Revisited

Small Business Web Hosting Revisited

Just a few days ago, we explored some thoughts about small business webhosting. Seems like it never rains but pours…

Here we are again, just barely a few days down the road and I run across another webhosting review site that promises to help you find a good web host. Since we were on the topic, I felt it was just as well that we put this up also.

These kinds of sites are quite similar. They give you a top ten list, and then they cover various topics about hosting your website, your email hosting and so on. In fact, a friend of mine just called to ask about email hosting for his small business. He said that he did not need just any web site,  he prefers a reliable source to help me manage the entire web affairs.  He asked me how to choose. I told him he can google for information or  take a cue from the “Best Web Hosting Awards 2009” by the folks over at Web Hosting Rating.

Usually, when you are doing your research, you do not rely on just one site. Information on the internet is well known for being unverified. However, an opinion from a professionally run review site is a tad more reliable than random bits of information that you find scattered all over the internet.

Whatever your needs may be, you should do a little searching. This review site could be a good starting point. And if all else fails, you can always do a Bing or a Google, I guess.

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