Online Career Quizzes, Would They Have Changed My Life?

Online Career Quizzes, Would They Have Changed My Life?

Having been in marketing all my life, I can never imagine doing anything else. But once in a while, I stop to think “what if”… what if I had chosen to take a design course? What if I decided to study languages?

Sometimes, I wonder if a marketing career, as much fun as it has been, is truly the best for me. Today, after experiencing all the ups and downs, the tears of joy and the tears of frustration; I know that I would not have traded this for anything else.

But if during my time, before I made those key decisions, I have an opportunity to take a Career Quiz; would that have changed anything for me? I don’t know. Probably not. But for you, would you like to find out?

Take an Online Career Quiz Now.

Disclaimer: the quiz link is a free service, however, it is an email submit which means that you will have to agree to receiving information on education opportunities from colleges and some companies.

2 Replies to “Online Career Quizzes, Would They Have Changed My Life?”

  1. I remember when I was at high school, one of our classes on career advice was essentially to sit in front of a computer and take a career quiz! I can’t remember what it came out with (a vet, perhaps) but it was miles away from what I’m doing at the moment – which is something I enjoy a lot.

    I think they can be useful if they point you towards some suggestions that, if they catch your eye, you can go away and research and really find out if that career’s for you. Apart from that, I think real life experience is more important.

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