Yet Another Web Hosting Review Site!

Yet Another Web Hosting Review Site!

Well, I had nothing to do over the weekend and decided to see if I could find a better bargain for my webhosting needs. So, I found this webhosting review site and decided to take a look.

Frankly, the “guy” that pops up and starts speaking when you first hit the website sort of scared me. I guess that is one of those new-fangled interactive touches that so many websites today have. Didn’t work for me though I am sure some people dig this kind of stuff.

But after I managed to stop that avatar from speaking, the rest of the site looked good. The information was organised well and I went straight to look at Linux webhosting because that is likely the cheapest option.

What I realized immediately was that there were a lot of webhosts that I have never heard of before. In the end, I more or less made up my mind what I wanted. The information I found on the site helped. But I also wished that the star ratings were a little more relevant. Most of the webhosts seem to be rated 4 or 5 stars and I had to go through the Compare Plans step over and over again to gain more insights.

Maybe I was just lazy, but an expert guide might have helped me better. Sometimes, expert advise is better than us amateurs trying to sort through all the information ourselves. I will likely stick with my current webhost, but this site should be a good reference when I am shopping for a new host.

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  1. Sure! There are a lot out there that we still don’t know a thing about! After all the internet is one hell of an information mine!

  2. I think it looks good, but Nacho is right, those links should be a bigger still. I would suggest decreasing the size of the middle, horizontal menu…its a big too large now (seems imposing and out of place). If you bring that down and the other menu up in size, it will help balance it out and bring more attention to your services.

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