Have you heard of managed hosting?

Have you heard of managed hosting?

For those who have experienced it before, you know that when you site gets into trouble, it is a painful experience.

We recently got our site taken down because someone hacked through some WordPress loophole. Anyway, it’s all good now. But since then, we always pay attention whenever we see any information on web hosting appearing before us.

So, it was only natural and rather tempting to take on a managed hosting package, if nothing else, simply because we could stop worrying about a lot of stuff related to managing the servers.

But that is an over-kill for a small time business like us. But when we do have larger web needs, that is definitely a direction to consider seriously. After all, what is the point of having a nice thriving business if you have to spend all your spare time looking after the little stuff?

At this time, we are still happy with our simple hosted site. But if ever we do grow, its good to know that there are lots of options out there!

3 Replies to “Have you heard of managed hosting?”

  1. As what i have heard with managed hosting, You will know that your site is being maintained by a knowledgeable company. Additionally, the company will be able to help you create safety features and firewalls, design and maintain databases, and control web content.

  2. For small businesses like us, as much as we want to we don’t have enough fund to acquire such managed hosting, anyhow we just have to be careful. For big companies, they really have to make sure that their own site are very much taken care of.

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