What Versa Can Do For YOU

What Versa Can Do For YOU

Vivienne Quek


I have spent almost 20 years in the advertising and marketing industry with small creative houses as well as large multi-national agencies. I was young and ambitious, which made me very successful, very quickly. Before long, I was handling accounts as large as a few million dollars, all by myself. For a young Account Manager, it was a heady experience.

A Humbling Set-Back

When I was invited to head up a team at a smaller agency, I jumped at the chance. But then, disaster struck during the 1997 crisis. Unfortunately, the owners did not have the patience to sit it out and in 1998, I found myself out on the streets. Everyone was reeling from the after-shock. Numb from the shock of a high-flying career turned sour, I was lost for months.

A New Beginning

During that economic downtime in 1998, I was barely making a living running projects for a few ad agencies. They could not hire me full time. Then, one day, a financial controller from one of the agencies asked me a question that set me on a totally different path. He asked: “You are already running the entire project for this agency, why then, are you not running your own advertising agency?”

With less than $3,000 in the bank, and nothing to fall back on, I started my own company. My first check came in at a whopping $117.00 which did not even cover the fees for me to register and setup my own company. But it was the sweetest hundred-odd dollars I ever had.

My Commitment to You

My experiences with creative work at all levels, and more importantly, my personal experience in building my company, branding and client base is the key to our slogan: Build Wealth Through Smart Marketing with Limited Budget.

I have worked with well known companies like Comfort-Delgro, Philips, SBS Transit, Parliament House (Singapore), Thermal Ceramics (Morgan Group), MCYS and many more. And no matter how small a project is, we’ll treat it respect.

Are you planning a new marketing campaign? Creating your logo, marketing materials or advertisement?

I would be glad to manage the entire project for you, and work with you to create the best possible creatives for your marketing campaigns. I have a great team consisting of award winning art director, seasoned designers and creative artists and copywriters. With every stage of work handled and managed by a cohesive team, you can expect synergy throughout your entire campaign period, and beyond. You can be assured that we understand your needs. We will not merely give you quality work, but we fully understand your driving need to build sales and create value for your customers. We have gone through the fire ourselves and we are with you all the way.

We have handled regional events in Singapore, Malaysia and ASEAN. But our core competencies are in these key ares:

  • Marketing Strategy Consultation, Planning and Execution
  • Marketing and Advertising Campaign Consultation, Planning and Execution
  • Branding Consultation, Planning and Execution
  • Event Consultation, Planning and Execution
  • Copy writing
  • Graphics Design
  • Web Development and Design
  • Print and Media Production

If you would like to discuss your projects with us, do contact us through our Contact Us Form.


“Working with Vivienne and her team is simply amazing.
Not only do they understand our business, they are able to response speedily with spot-on promotion strategy and creative concept. I see her and her team as my extended marketing arm.”

Kelvin Yong
Manager, Taxi Charge
Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd

“As a media company, we market to the creative community at large. As such, our communications need to be innovative and even more creative.
Versa Creations has been a big help in ideas and creative execution.”

Samantha Pang
Assistant General Manager,
Airtime Business
MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd

“We value the attention to detail, production quality and strict adherence to deadlines. Versa Creations has delivered and their customer service to us is very good.”

Iris Goh
Thermal Ceramics Asia Pte Ltd

Vivienne is an expert in what she does. She listens very effectively and can transform your wishes into reality from small projects to full blown campaigns. As a committed professional, she gives more than 100% effort and attention and always over-delivers in terms of giving massive value as well as completing the job on time and within budget. I am impressed after working with her for the last 3 years. If you need any marketing or advertising advice, I would suggest seeking her out very, very soon before she gets really, really busy!

Betty Vong
Nikken Wellness

Vivienne Quek
Versa Creations Pte Ltd

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