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Thank you for your interest in advertising on Versa Creations Marketing & Advertising Blog.

Our readers are industry colleagues as well as those who are interested in marketing and advertising

Some statistics:

Average Page Views: >200K monthly

No. of articles/pages: >200

Our Advertising Packages:

Package 1 – Site/Product Reviews

Cost: SGD$50 per site/product

What you get: One 200 – 300 word review of your site/product clearly indicated as a sponsored review. Two links will be included in the review with one of them being an image of not more than 240 x 240 if you so choose.

Benefits: A third-party review of your site/product lends credibility and induces site visitors to click on your links.

Note: All text links will have “no-follow” tag applied.


Package 2 – Text Links

Cost: $25 per month

Availability: Maximum of 10 on a first-come-first-served basis (rotation in queue)

What you get: 1 site-wide text link on sidebar, this means you get links on every single page within this site, which currently means around 200 back-links to the site of your choosing. Links will appeared under “Featured Sites” and will contain your anchor text and URL-link of your choosing. You can change these at anytime.

Note: All text links will have the “no follow” tag applied


Package 3 – Banner Ad

Cost: $100 per month

What you get: 1 site-wide banner in the sidebar (180 x 180) JPEG or GIF (animation accepted if filesize <100KB) Availability: Maximum of 3 on a first-come-first-served basis

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