Sales Copy That Is Too Good To Be True

Sales Copy That Is Too Good To Be True

When you read a well crafted, long, sales letter on the web telling you how “I made $278,000 and so can you”; what goes through your head? There is a promise to reveal secrets, promises of a step-by-step process to bring you there, and he even assures you that your dreams can come true. Isn’t this what you have been looking for through all your “surfing life”? And yet… You don’t really believe the claims. You somehow feel that they are simply too good to be true. As a consumer, you can shrug and walk away. But, what if you are a business owner or you are the one that’s in charge of marketing and sales? What and how do you overcome the “too good to be true” obstacle that keep potential buyers from taking that critical step towards making the purchase?>It is true that you can rely on your staff (from telemarketers, sales consultants to relationship managers) to seal the deal. However, your sales copy in the advertisement or printed brochure must be an ice-breaker to get the prospects over to your store before your people can even begin to melt the ice.

Sales copy is even more important if you are in an online business. Your sales letter is the only means of interaction between you and your buyer. Words are all you have to complete the sale as the internet traffic comes flowing through your site. Your prospect cannot talk to you face to face, but, they can simply click away from your site.

What can you do to over come the “too good to be true” syndrome? Check out my answers in an article I wrote for Affiliate KB. “Sales Copy That’s Too Good To be True” was written at the invitation of Mark Daoust of Affliate KB. Click on the link to read the full article.

I was very happy with Mark’s generous compliment:

This article is absolutely incredible! This is simply one of the best articles I have read in a long time, and one of the best ever that I am publishing (and I’ve been publishing online for over 4 years).

Let’s talk. Tell me what you think.

(I shall talk more on copy in the following weeks to come)

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