Niche Marketing – Summer Holidays

Niche Marketing – Summer Holidays

I have been writing about niche marketing recently, and once again, I come across yet another interesting example that I think you will be interested to read about.

For those in temperate climates, summer is a big deal. People who live in hot, tropical countries like Singapore and Malaysia have no idea what the big deal is about! This then is another way to define a niche. When summer comes around, everyone wants to go out and enjoy the sun to the fullest. But the travel industry is an extremely crowded industry. So, even marketing summer holidays see plenty of competing offerings.

Take for example a pitch like cheap holidays in Kefalonia, this is extremely specific. They are promoting specifically that you take your holiday in some Greek island somewhere. Fortunately, for those involved in marketing online, technology is on your side. With the Internet, this company is able to provide a powerful search function so that its UK visitors can search for Mediterranean holidays in Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Greece to bargain holidays and last minute deals in such far-flung destinations as the Caribbean, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean!

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation. But clever marketers also know that it is an opportunity to address specific needs. We can only hope that we can find niches all year round to fuel our marketing engines.

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