Clever Niche Marketing – Selling Qualified Leads

Clever Niche Marketing – Selling Qualified Leads

Marketing is such a big, big world. And as the world becomes more sophisticated and educated, it is becoming more and more difficult to market. Add to that the huge number of marketers and you have a very big, very noisy marketplace.

This is why niche marketing is becoming more and more important. I just saw a site which markets affordable health insurance. At first glance, it seems to be just another site that provides low cost health insurance quotes to its users. In fact, it seems that they have all kinds of insurance products available. But when I looked closer, I realised that this was really a very, very clever niche marketing site at work!

Most Internet Marketers collect your information and then try to sell you something, right? Of course, many try to provide you some value at some point in the process. This site actually provides you the service right up front. They allow you to get a lot of information on exactly what you want. But you see, they are not an insurance company. They only provide the information so that you will have a rough idea of which company provides the product/service that you want at a price that you like. Easy to understand this.

But they have added a very nice twist. Insurance agents will kill for the kind of information that they are collecting about their visitors! So, they sell qualified leads. Now, isn’t that a clever way to attack the very crowded niche for qualified leads? The best part of it all, is that no one will be unhappy about it! They provide a valuable service to end users to enable them to do an impartial, side-by-side comparison of various insurance products, and they provide leads so that insurance agents can contact the people and be of service to them.

I do not know if you can see this. But this company, by providing low cost affordable health insurance quotes to consumers nationwide, is at the same time penetrating the marketing industry. Simply brilliant.

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