Blog Marketing – Taking the Obvious Route

Blog Marketing – Taking the Obvious Route

According to Technorati, there are about 92.8 million blogs. That is just blogs alone. Not counting other types of websites. Talk about crowded markets.

Marketing is all about drawing attention. As a natural progression, marketing boils down to the process of attracting attention -> gain interest -> inspire action/decision -> retain attention. So, what would you do if you had to market into a super crowded niche like celebrity gossip?

Actually, one of the smartest thing you could do, is to get the very domain name itself. That’s right, what better domain name to use to promote celebrity gossip than As our celebrated sleuth would say “… elementary, Watson, elementary.”

This is a new website, and as a marketer, I really wonder, why it has taken so long for such a site to appear? There are hundreds of thousands of celebrity blogs and websites. Did no one think to use

But not just the name, this site uses bright pink. Logical color considering that the bulk of the audience will be women and for the men, pink is deliciously scandalous color to be looking at on a site. The overall impact on the front page of the site is strong. But for me, I see a blank banner at the top. This could be due to some geo-targeting algorithms deciding that I was not worthy to see any banner ad up there. But I think they should at least have something displaying, maybe as a default banner that is generic enough for everyone.

Other than this, the site also lacks the busy-ness that I would expect to see from a “celebrity gossip” web site. I mean, there is enough happening every minute even on TV, so, an instant medium like the Internet should be filled to overflowing with activity. Between the USA and Europe alone, there is enough celebrity activity to choke an elephant. I guess the site is still new, but this is one element that I would like to see more of. There can be too much text, but there can never be too much gossip!

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