Crazy End to The Crazy Horse

Crazy End to The Crazy Horse

Some might say that it is no surprise that The Crazy Horse ended its run less than a year after a grand entrance.

It was proudly hailed as a show-piece for the advancing society that was the Singapore of tomorrow. Its demise has been blamed on restrictions imposed upon the company’s marketing activities. It was the marketer’s nightmare come through, when The Crazy Horse was not allowed to put advertisements in the print media, they could not advertise on Television (no TV!?), and of course, posters and billboards were a big “NO”.

Can any business survive with a choke-hold placed on its marketing? But maybe, the question can be asked in a more positive light. Besides the obvious points that many have made, that no business can survive without active, creative marketing campaigns; we can also ask if there is a lesson to be learnt.

Was the marketing attitude and thinking too “traditional”? Because The Crazy Horse could not run an advertisement in the local newspaper, does that mean there is no way to advertise? Because they could not print posters with topless women, does that mean that they could produce no posters at all?

Unfortunately, the time to ask these questions have come, and gone.

A creative approach to marketing is not about nice graphics, or the perfect layout. Its not about spending millions in media buying. It is about getting your message out to your audience, and getting results.

We will likely explore some ways where action can be taken, with an eye on results.

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