Articulate Your Personal Values as a Leader

Articulate Your Personal Values as a Leader

By learning continuously, sharing unselfishly, taking action massively, I believe we are a leader in our own rights. Still, I enjoyed reading books and articles on leadership, and I believe so do all of you. That’s the reason for sharing a leadership article here.

I was reading the article this morning and one statement stopped me ahort and started me thinking: “One of the first things a leader should do, is to somehow articulate your personal values as a leader.”


I would share my personal values with my team in an “on-the-go” basis as I believe they would get to know me gradually but surely. I have not thought of the importance of including that in the initial meeting when I first welcomed them into my team. That’s certainly interesting to me.

Enjoy reading Articulate Your Personal Values as A Leader over a cuppa of coffee and start brewing your mind … …

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