Business Slogan 7: Good To The Last Drop

Business Slogan 7: Good To The Last Drop

A carefully crafted business slogan speaks volumes of it’s brand values and promises, successfully.

Maxwell Coffee Print Ad

Guess when was this vintage slogan created:

“Good to the last drop.”

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Answer: Maxwell House Coffee (developed in 1907)

Coffee merchant, Joel Owsley Cheek, learned that President Roosevelt’s fondness of coffee. So Mr Cheek set up a booth to display his stuff at a country fair at Nashville, Tennessee, that the president will be visiting. When President Roosevelt visited his booth, naturally a steaming cup was offered. It was said that President Roosevelt turned and told his entourage that the coffee is “good to the last drop” thus giving live to the brand and the slogan still lives on until today. This slogan is now 100 years old.

It is also honoured in Adage’s Top 10 Slogan of the Century at position number 7. The slogan deserved to be honoured and it’s definitely not because of it’s age. Believable, memorable, campaign-able and the ability to communicate the product’s benefits effortlessly are just some of the reasons.

Hmm, can you smell the aroma of coffee and yearn for one steaming cup right now?

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