A Really Helpful Web SEO Glossary

A Really Helpful Web SEO Glossary

Having been in the “traditional” advertising industry for so many years, I got a real culture shock when I first entered the Internet Marketing arena several years back. Especially confusing for me was this thing called “Search Engine Optimisation” or SEO. Not only was it difficult to understand some of the underlying techniques and concepts, I was struggling to get past the first step: what do the words mean?

Now, if only I had access to the Apogee Search SEO Glossary it would have saved me so much time and energy! Well, you have it here, and I am telling you, even if you have hired someone else to do your SEO work, it is always good to know the basics. Frankly, Apogee Search is in Austin, Texas; I have not met them. But I am really happy to see this glossary. Please understand that reading and memorizing the glossary is not going to make you an expert, however, it will make your discussions with your SEO expert a lot less painful! (believe me, I have been there!)

Some examples of terms found in the glossary are Google Death Penalty, stemming, link bait, deep linking and more. Hop on over for a quick look. It is an interesting read.

For those of you interested in talking with an SEO Expert, you might want to consider dropping them a line. They have a website and quite an informative blog. In my opinion, if you are serious about Internet Marketing, you should be talking to one.

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