Traditional Game Show Format Goes Online

Traditional Game Show Format Goes Online

Creativity in marketing is not limited to nice graphics or clever copy writing. Sometimes, simple ideas from tried-and-true marketing techniques can work. The creativity comes in when you apply a twist to it that will make it a little different from everyone else.

whogets.comTake a look at this version of an online sweepstakes contest from Everyone who has lived through the 70’s and 80’s will be familiar with sweepstakes contests. In fact, they are still very popular today. But what you see here is a unique variation. Instead of the sweepstakes being determined by a draw, the users who have entered the sweepstakes have a part to play in actually voting for someone to win it.

The entire process is in 2 stages:

First, you sign up for free, then you enter the sweepstakes if you like the prize being shown

Next, after 7 – 14 days, the system will randomly pick 7 people who will be in the “finals” for the sweepstakes prize. They are then given an opportunity to write a 100-word post explaining why they are the one who need, deserve, or must-have the prize. Then you vote. Simple and a fun twist to a very well loved concept of the sweepstakes.

The entire focus is on fun. No fees are charged for joining. The company promises no spam, no buying, no subscriptions. Taking a look at the sponsors for prizes, seems like quite a few good names are on the list including big names like Staples, Target, and Apple. The banner looks fun. The prizes look good. I see no downside.

Well, if anyone does win anything, do come back here and drop us a note!

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