Business Consultation can be FREE

Business Consultation can be FREE

Checking out online business forumA supporter of this blog sent me an email after reading my earlier post, Food for Thoughts, where my concluding paragraph said “There are just so many ways to do marketing with or without money. Just don’t stop marketing!” Chris’ questions were: “Are there ways to do cheap or free advertising? Where can I seek advice and suggestion if I cannot afford to pay a business or marketing consultant like you?”

Chris can join a business forum. I would visit business forums to check out news and tips. Chris’ first question is a frequently asked question, which was also raised by a Brit in June 2006 at Platinax Business Forum. There were 9 interesting feedback by forum members on how advertising can be done cheaply or at no cost. Chris can join in the discussion by sharing his concerns and thereby helping himself and most probably, Pav, the Brit marketer who started the conversation thread.

At such business forums, you will not just find the normal Joe marketers but also savvy and successful marketing guru, business consultants, business owners, academic lecturer and professors. The latters’ insightful comments and suggestions will be very helpful in guiding us to see a problematic issue in a new light.

It is easy to join a business forum, just
– adhere to the rules and regulations stipulated.
– be yourself, there’s no need to be shy or fearful.
– participate fully as this is the only way to get the most out of the community.
– contribute freely as you would learn more when you share. Share to learn, like I always said.
– visit regularly to know the community better. The more people you know, the better the interaction.

When you select a business forum to join, make sure that it has a sizable and active community. Like the one I mentioned above, Platinax Business Forum, contains lots of useful information for small businesses and webmasters and is rather active judging by the number of conversation threads. Don’t waste youe time joining a business forum with hardly anyone posting. An active community provides lively exchange, excellent network, unexpected business opportunities and more. Most business forums are free to join. If you want advice and cannot afford to hire a businss or marketing consultant, business forum is definitely one good solution.

Some good things in life are free, you just got to know where to find them, and maximize the opportunities to the fullest when you finally found them.

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