Automatic Backup Prevents Downtime

Automatic Backup Prevents Downtime

Having worked in the creative industry for the past 2 decades taught me the importance of file back-up. You cannot imagine how stressful, time consuming and disruptive when the creative people has to re-do the work they lost due to a power failure and hard disc crash. Sometimes, the essence of the original work failed to shine through the re-work version. I sure don’t like to see the distress and disappointment in their faces. I usually do a weekly backup, but I would back up important files before I call it a day. Still, accident do happen.

A week ago, my mac unexpectedly died on me while I was working simultaneously on my pitch presentation and blog post. The hard disc crashed and the 6-7 hours worth of hard work was gone … … until the medic revived them several days later. Some work can wait for such magical resurrection, some not. I worked until 4am to reconstruct the powerpoint presentation for morning pitch. Suffice to say, it was a long, stormy and stressful night.

If only I had back up on an hourly basis, if only I had back up yesterday … … So many “if only”. Doing backup is seeming simple, but it definitely can be quite a hassle. One of my designers provided me a solution that you can consider too: Online backup.

This is an online backup and it is FREE:

  • Free 2GB worth of backup

  • You can map your online drive (which is a really cool feature)
  • Versioning (keeps up to 30 versions of your backup data)

  • Auto backup or backup when you want to
  • Secure (encryption on transmission and storage)
  • Upgrade to unlimited backup for $49.50 a year

I guess I don’t have an excuse not to back up daily, or even more regularly to avoid another mishap. Any designer, copywriter or experienced marketing person can tell you, having a back up is extremely important, it can be a matter of stay hired or being fired.I can’t wait to have my mac back again.

I don’t hate PC but I really like my mac.

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