Credit Card Processing an Integral Part for Internet Marketing

Credit Card Processing an Integral Part for Internet Marketing

credit cardPeople I know who are jittery about internet businesses jerked themselves out of their stupor during the 4-day World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007. A few paid for mentoring programmes while others bought domain names. What was originally an uphill task seemed less daunting now.

What does it take to do an internet business? Actually, there is nothing that is very different from an off-line business, except that you will be looking at online terminology and methods. You will require a product, website, traffic, sales and payment facilities. The website is nothing more than an online shop as opposed to that physical, 1000 square feet space you rent every month. Credit card processing merely replaces your cash register.

During the Summit, I was asked if it is possible to conduct internet business via Cash On Delivery or cheque. It is indeed possible to start an online business using traditional payment modes. However, you must prepare to lose some customers along the way. Not many will go searching for a cheque book, scribble on it, look for an envelope, hunt for a stamps, seal it, make a trip to a post box to mail it. This 7-step process is a big yawn. You might prefer to have credit card processing done right from the start. By the way, credit card processing is the process of getting the authorization for a credit card purchase when ordering online. It involves a payment gateway, a merchant account, and a credit card processing company.

You can “short-cut” by going through popular online payment services like PayPal. Such services accept credit card payments from your customer and provides other services. The flip side is that your customers must have an account with the payment service that you choose. This might be an obstacle as some people are uncomfortable with this sort of payment methods.Credit card processing service is available online.

When you google for information and you find lots of relevant information from companies like CreditorWeb. The majority of internet business owners will go with online services, since they are already optimized for website transactions and are easily accessible. There will be a fee to set it up from $50 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the credit card processing provider. There is a fee charged each time a credit card is processed. This fee is usually lower than the charges made by real world banks. The up-side is you have 24 hour instant access to all your transaction details.Before you decide if you should get your credit card processing facilities from your bank or from an online processing company, you might like to know answers to the following questions. These were taken from the CreditorWeb site, who helps its clients to pick out the best credit card that matches their lifestyle and expenditure. It also help merchants who need credit card processing services to find a service providers. This is one of my resource site when I need know more information on credit card facilities.

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I would propose that those who intend to do internet business to have such credit card processing facilities. Afterall, we are talking to a large audience base who is more familiar with mouse, wires and cables compared to pen and paper.

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11 Replies to “Credit Card Processing an Integral Part for Internet Marketing”

  1. If your business is considered high risk, you may also want to investigate an offshore or international merchant account.

  2. Small business are usually the least likely to use one of these credit cards but would probably benefit more than larger more well establish companies. Although a business credit card has more requirements and has higher interest rates compared to other types of credit cards there available; contrary to common belief, it can be very helpful if used properly.

  3. internet businesses really need to consider professional processing companies. It would be painful to wait for money orders or checks to come in. Also nothing against pay pal but they have a tendancy to freeze accounts which are difficult to get unfrozen. Bad if you need to cover inventory

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