Digital Picture Frame as Advertising Panel

Digital Picture Frame as Advertising Panel

digital photo frameThere was a small eatery shop opposite my office selling Peranankan food (that is, fusion food combines Malay, Chinese and other influences into a unique blend) Initially, the barely decorated shop only had 2 to 3 tables occupied during lunch time. There was no signboard. The only attraction was a single row of 8R photographs showing sambal chicken, assam fish, etc, stuck on the glass panel using transparent tapes. Needless to say, people who were opposite the road, on the bus or rushing pass to get to the bus-stop will not know about the mouth-watering dishes.

Martin said he only rented the premises for a year. As the future was uncertain, he preferred to keep his marketing expenses low by not having any signboard, standee, banner or flyer. After all, photographs would eventually fade and his regulars would soon not read his DIY lamented menu. He reckoned a simple business card with his name, address and mobile phone number was quite enough.

When I next see him at his new shop, I would recommend him to use digital picture frame. Digital picture frame basically employs an LCD panel, an SD memory card, and a remote control to create a digital photo frame. This means Martin can store all his food images there . With a click of his remote control, he can make it into a slide show and rotate as many dishes as he wants.

As digital picture frame comes in several sizes, I would recommend one to be placed by the glass panel facing the road, one at the cash counter and another few on the wall. Those on the walls can be used to trace the immaculate process he and his crew put in to cook up a storm. As a customer, I would like to know where he does his marketing, how he pounds his chilli, how he mixes his sambal balachan and of course, how he cooks (if he is willing to make it an open secret). The digit picture frame fronting the shop can repeat food images one after another. While the one sitting on the counter can feature “Menu for Next Week” or other promotional dishes and messages. There are just so many ways of maximizing the digital photo frame into advertising panels.

Keeping abreast of the latest gidgets would help marketers in promoting their goods and services effectively and creatively without incurring high cost. Years ago, I had to use a big bulky Polaroid camera to take reference shots. Now I only whip out my mobile phone. With gadgets and widgets, it’s so much more convenient to DIY certain marketing functions. So there is no excuse why you can’t do some marketing yourself. I’m sure you get the picture.

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3 Replies to “Digital Picture Frame as Advertising Panel”

  1. That is a really good and novel idea.

    Digital photo frames are really falling in price and would be an ideal way to show off what any restaurant has to offer. Even the cheap ones will run a slide show so you could cycle through the entire menu.

  2. Remember also that you can create your own images with large text to convey messages to your customers, such as prices and special events.

    But you will need some special software to do it – no need to get photoshop though as there are many very cheap alternatives that will do this.

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