11 Replies to “London Olympics 2012 Logo worth £400,000?”

  1. I have no words to describe that logo. I work in an Ad Agency and I’ve seen my fair share of logos which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever but this one takes the cake! No identity for the host nation, no identity for the sporting event it caters to. Like most people would say, it’s a blooming disaster. London bridge is falling down perhaps?

  2. Viv

    Once again your blog highlights the best and worst in the marketing and branding world. The logo has just recently been criticized for inducing epileptic fits in people. The colors are loud, brash and like most people mentioned, has no resemblance to London or England – be it culturally, or representing any physical landmark or historical significance.

    I personally hate the design, if the report didn’t mention it forms the numbers ‘2012’ i would have never figured it out. It looks like a piece of origami gone wrong, as though someone fished it out from the wastepaper basket.

    $400k? What a joke… reminds me of the Singapore G’ment wasting good $ to think of a better name for Marina Bay… only to realize that Marina Bay was the best name afterall!! Or another example of paying $ to think of a new name for the budget airlines terminal.. only to think of the grand, fantastic and immensely creative and original name of ‘The Budget Terminal’….

  3. Nick – I like your analogy. London Bridge is certainly falling down with the Brits bombarding the authority to dethrone the logo.

    Edmund – You are right. Until now, I’m still thinking if there is a better alternative to “The Budget Terminal”.

  4. The comment in article about the logo look like Lisa giving a blowjob really crack me up! :)

    P/S: How about “Uniquely Singapore”? The taxpayer spends million to get a fuzzy, meaningless tag and slogan which often left me dumbfolded when my foreign friend ask me what is so “Unique” about Singapore? This is a typical “smoke out” job for big foreign “branding” agency and our ministries still smile when they are screwed!

  5. You’re right Nick; this logo has no sense of individuality and doesn’t appear to symbolise the games in any respect. I’m shocked that so much was invested to create a logo that looks frankly amateurish. The best thing I can say for it is that it’s bright and eye catching, but surely we should expect more from the advertising for such a major event. There is nothing about it that says ‘Olympics’ or ‘London’ to me; it just looks like a basic generic logo. Of course , effect can be achieved through simplicity, yet this is certainly not the case here! I’m not surprised that so many signed the petition and I strongly feel that the organisers should listen to their voice.

  6. Vivienne, as you say I think that culture is the key issue here. We’re not exactly short of it in this country so I really can’t see why we haven’t displayed any elements of our heritage in the logo!

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