Seasonal Marketing Sells!

Seasonal Marketing Sells!

DaffodilEvery year, we start off with the Chinese New Year celebrations (a celebration of Spring), followed by memorable days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Visak Day, Father’s Day, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, Thanksgiving and so on.

Marketers are always excited about special events and festive seasons because they help to increase sales, sales margin and sales revenue. Seasonal marketing can be done all year round, even if you operate in a tropical country where every day is a hot summer’s day. There is always a reason or an excuse to do seasonal marketing and here are some reasons you should be doing it:

1. More products are sold during seasonal celebrations. Some retailers make at least 30% of their annual revenues during the November-December Christmas season.

2. Advertising efforts yield the best results during such times because people are determined to buy stuff. It is easier to convince them to buy, buy more and buy more often.

3. Price is less of a concern as people buy to impress the recipient, so quality is the key concern and not the cost.

4. The time of celebration is time sensitive so the shopping window is short. This forces people to act within the period that is stated in the advertisements.

What if there is no special day and no festive period to use as a reason for a sale or promotion? Create the reason yourself. For example, this is summer time and if you are a florist, a landscape company or a nursury like Spring Hill and Michigan Bulbs, you can always tell people what they should plant in their gardens. Your target audience are busy people, so, be nice to remind them that during spring-summer seaons, blooming bulbs like daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and lilies are the perfect choices. After you have reminded them, entice them with coupon offers like $20 off with a $50 order to make the purchases irresistible. If you run a curtain and shade company like The Shade Store, tell everyone that it is a high time to add solar shades or wooden blinds to keep out the scotching sun. If you sell vintage tub, also do not hesitate.

Start thinking about seasonal marketing now. Remember that when a celebration ends, there are many others coming up. People are always looking for reasons, and excuses, to buy a present for themselves or for others.

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