Niche Marketing Is Not To Be Ignored

Niche Marketing Is Not To Be Ignored

Niche marketing is all about focusing on a specific, over-looked and under-served areas where your product and expertise can create a major impact and be a big hit.

You like dogs, and you intend to go into the dog business. However, do you have unique capabilities or huge resources to fight in the highly competitive dog food, dog grooming or dog training markets? However, considering you have been cooking diligently for your 2 chihuahuas, 3 spaniels and 4 terriers for years, you might want to specialize in dog food recipes instead. Sure, the market is not as big, but it means you can climb faster and easier to the top of the ladder if you manage to differentiate and distinguish yourself as a dog food recipe expert.

In the computing world, the personal computer (PC) is king. Though the Smiling Mac is really cool with its matte silver armory, many web developers, architects and designers have created software, programmes and web pages that are not friendly to Mac browsers like Safari, Mozilla or Opera. Mac users are always thrilled to have the latest gadgets and widgets but are almost always under-served. Mac users are shut out of many news and entertainment sites. Not many business owners cater to Mac users. Fortunately, things are changing. Savvy businesses are now taking notice of this lucrative, but under served, market.

MacPokerRecently, a few of my business associates were learning to play poker and other casino games online, in preparation for Singapore’s integrated resorts going “live” in 2010. Recently, I was shown a site by JP who said this was the first site they came across that works with a Macintosh, and they have not played online poker elsewhere since then. Mac users are loyalists. As he browsed over several pages, I struck by the fact that it was designed with Mac and Open Source users in mind.

The site has lots of details on Mac-based online poker rooms. Basically, when you have sites that require no downloads, and can be used without any PC emulator, it is a great relief for Mac users. Members can use the online poker room chart to find a suitable poker room to play in. The site even has reviews of poker rooms like Pacific Poker, Party Poker and Fulltilt Poker which include details like layout, customer service, deposit bonus, online tournaments, and more. Such reviews make short-listing and selection of your favorite poke sites even easier. If poker is not your fancy, there’s Online Casino where online casino bonuses are offered to new accounts.

MacPoker definitely found itself a niche, a profitable niche in fact. It is a known fact that the Mac users, more often than not, have a higher disposable income. They also have a tendency to buy luxurious stuff to look good and feel cool. So if you find it tough to rough it out in the mass market, go find a niche that you can serve well and be amongst it’s leading providers.

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