Just Sales Techniques Are Not Enough Sometimes

Just Sales Techniques Are Not Enough Sometimes

A seasoned sales consultant would know that a client with lots of problem will be a willing paying client provided the latter is happy with the solutions offered.

Ergonomic ChairProlonged hours of using the computer and surfing the internet cause my back, shoulder, wrist and thumb to ache consistently. Other than visiting a chiropractor, the other good option to consider is to apply office ergonomics. Since I can virtually control the ergonomics of my office, a few simple adjustments to the office furniture and furnishing can eventually save me lots of pain and health bills. These are on my wish list

Ergonomic Chair
I understood from my chiropractor that to get an ergonomically correct chair since I’m sitting on it more than 10 hours daily. The chair must provide sufficient lumbar support to protect the lower back and enable me to sit with my feet solidly placed on the floor.

Keyboard, Keyboard Tray and Mouse
Another culprit for office aches and pains is the keyboard. The keyboard should be lower than the desk, on a keyboard tray, to reduce the strain on the wrists. This can be easily fixed for the office but more challenging at home as I use a laptop. I was told to invest in a separate keyboard and mouse because the condensed set-up of a laptop keyboard causes unnecessary strain on the arms and wrists. The last item was to invest in an ergonomically correct mouse that minimizes the strain on your wrist. A traditional mouse demands that the wrist be held at an unnatural angle with a twist.

Office Furniture and peripherals like ergonomic chair, ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse should be quite easy to find. I wasn’t so sure of finding keyboard tray to fix under my desk. Alternatively, I can get a separate computer desk to house the monitor, keyboard and the likes. A glass one would be nice.

With this wish list, I happily made a trip to shop at m friendly neighborhood stores. I left empty handed. I didn’t have any unpleasant treatment like the fan incident, but I did came out with a lesson learned. If you want to be a great salesman, knowing all the sales techniques wouldn’t save you the day if you don’t have sufficient knowledge and information of your product and industry.

What happened was this pleasant sales consultant in his mid twenties had absolutely no idea what an ergonomic chair was. He repeatedly did a hard sell on the standard secretary chair that was on offer. Such skeleton chair does not provide lower back or head support and there is no arm rest. He should be alert enough to recognize an executive chair is a better alternative when I replied that I have lower back ache issues to deal with. Not identifying a client’s problem, he will not be able to provide a solution. Sometimes, a lower price is not a solution to a client’s problem.

In the end, I thanked him politely and left the shop without asking him if the shop carries ergonomic keyboard or ergonomic mouse. If he did not know what ergonomic chair is, I assumed he will not know what I want. As a customer, I would prefer to spend my time and money with someone who can advise me how to maximize the product through proper usage. He did not fit the bill.

Perhaps it might be easier to order online since sitting in front of the computer is the reason for getting for these pains and aches.

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5 Replies to “Just Sales Techniques Are Not Enough Sometimes”

  1. Very good article! My husband has back problems and has to have an ergonomic chair. Even though it is more expensive, it makes all the difference in his work environment.

  2. I recently worked with an ergonomics specialist in the plant safety arena Vivienne. One more tip for you that I learned about and often notice as a problem is monitor placement.

    So many people tend to place their monitor where it looks nice or it is convenient, but it actually needs to be placed directly in front of you to eliminate the need for any twisting of the neck or back to see it. Your shoulders must be 90° square, parallel to the screen.

    He also recommends natural or natural colored lighting. I was amazed at the difference his subtle change made in my office.

    As entrepreneurs, if we are going to market and plan to sell our goods and services most effectively, we need to have everything going for us as possible. Paying diligent attention to ergonomics is critical to both long and short term health as well as daily comfort.

  3. Hi Daniel
    Thanks … I didn’t realize about the importance of natural lighting. I’m no expert but I guess if my aquatic plants and fishes thrive in certain lighting, there should be no difference for human. Fortunately, there is a row of light shops just 5 min away from my office, I’ll go check out.

    Thanks for shopping by and leaving me such good tips.

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