Mark Joyner to Turn Around Your Business?

Mark Joyner to Turn Around Your Business?

Until I attended World Internet Summit in May 2007, I did not know who Mark Joyner was. Now I know that the other internet gurus have crowned him as the Godfather of Internet. He has been there, done that before others became even aware of the term “internet millionaire”. His presentation on the 6 rules for failures and 7 rules for success was remarkably refreshing. I’m summarizing the latter from my notes plus some of my own interpretation.

1) Be Speedy  Tha’s the only way you can protect your ideas from been stolen. Introduce your idea fast and well, and you will occupy the vacuum in the market.

2) Be Buzz-worthy  Create a positive buzz that people will want to talk about to everyone. Make them do it willingly through word-of-mouth or word-of-mouse.

3) Be The Best You Can Be  The foundation to buzz-worthiness is to excel in what you do. When you add value and make a difference, everyone welcomes you.

4) Give Them What They Want  The clients have a problem or a want. Know exactly what�s missing and fill up the gap.

5) You Make The Difference  Hotmail became popular not by chance. There are people working behind the scene to propagate the buzz. Someone or something must ignite the fire and in business, it has got to be you.

6) Integration Marketing is Power  Do not ignore traditional marketing just because you are running an online business and vice versa. Integration of both forces make you a lethal force in marketing.

7) Unifying Social Dynamics – Only people, products and companies that embrace this will survive since they are all related.

With the understanding of Mark Joyner’s principles of success, it is easier to understand the power of his latest offering, the 7 Day Business Turnaround Kit. Had I not been at the WIS, I would be skeptical with such a get-better or get-rich programme especially when I have worked in a marketing and advertising agency for so many years. However, this is the Godfather talking and he personally promise that his package will radically change your business,  stopping the cash bleeding, getting the cash flowing freely, and positioning you for long term strategic improvement to your business. I would sit up and pay attention. He is so sure that you will find real value that he is offering a free 7 day trial.

If you think your business needs a Midas Touch to bring you to those pots of gold under that rainbow, seriously consider taking up Mark Joyner’s risk-free offer. Just in case, you’re wondering if I’m promoting his package because I’m a promoting or an affiliate of Mark Joyner, well, I’m not. I’m just one of many that sat in awe of this big guy during his 2-day presentation. I always believe that sharing is learning, so I’m just sharing what I’ve experienced in WIS and what I believe this is a great free trial offer. I’ve shared, you can now make your own decision. At least, this is a cheaper option than trying a platoon of new general managers or marketing managers.

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