Great Ad 1: Without Heinz

Great Ad 1: Without Heinz

Without Heinz, your breakfast, lunch or dinner taste like cardboard.

Simple advertisement but the message is succinctly clear and powerful. This ad is one which qualifies the saying,”a picture paints a thousand words”.

Lunch Dinner

Why is it powerful?

Attract attention – You’ll wonder, “Why are the eggs and bacon, hotdog, steak and chips rendered using cardboard?”

Easy to understand – Your eyes lead you to the secondary image – Heinz tomato sauce bottle and you realize “Ahh … food tastes like cardboard without Heinz!” Even a kid in elementary school will get the message instantly. And kids are strong influencer to the spenders (their parents/care givers). Notice that there is only ONE word, “Without”, in the entire ad?

Strong product endorsement – Consciously or subconsciously, you go away with the thought that “Heinz may be small in size but certainly big in taste”

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  1. Life without Heinz would really bite. Love the photos. Granted I disgust many with what I put on my hash browns… and it isn’t ketchup.

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