Digital Camera is also a Marketing Tool

Digital Camera is also a Marketing Tool

I seldom meet a client without my laptop. Just yesterday, a client said in an envious tone that I can work anywhere as long as I have a wireless Internet connection, a laptop and a mobile phone. I agree. I don’t have to be in the office to get some of my work done. Those are the three basic tools I need.

“If there is one more tool you need, what will that be?” That was my client’s question as she waited for me to pack up my working gear. Almost without hesitation, I whipped out my digital camera from my handbag.

Even though my Nokia mobile phone is pretty good at snapping photographs, nothing beats a proper camera. I encourage marketers to keep one handy in the office, if not in the handbag or glove compartment of their cars. Whenever I see a great advertisement on the road, I stop and take a quick snapshot of it. When I attend a fabulous exhibition, a road show or a product launch, I will snap the facade decor, exhibition displays and every corner of the event floor, and of course, the beautiful product ambassadors (a.k.a. models). They would be properly archived in a file I name “Research”. Whenever I don’t have a good idea for a new project, I would browse my “Research” library for inspiration. Usually, something good will come out from there. It happens so often that taking snap shots has become a must. Also, when I receive a sample from a business partner, I will definitely take a few snap shots before handing the sample over to the client. I do not risk leaving the details to memory. It would be very embarrassing and unprofessional if the client called to make inquiries or clarifications and I cannot recall the functions and aesthetics. A picture in hand has helped me countless times, so much so that I keep two small Canon digital cameras; one in the office and one at home.

Before I left for my Starbucks appointment earlier, I had spent half an hour taking several shots of a crystal display. We had specially commissioned a 3D designer a few months ago to illustrate an iconic building in Singapore. His rendition is now lasered within a 170x70x30 mm crystal block, looking very dignified and majestic. A souvenir I know my client will be proud to present to overseas dignitaries and guests. I’m taking snap shots for my records as well as sending my project designer a softcopy of his work. I know he will be very pleased with the results.

I see a wireless connection, laptop, mobile phone and digital camera as the most important working tools, as well as marketing tools. I’m sure you will count the mobile phone your key work-tool, if not all the other three as well.

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