Is there Any Integrity in a Paid Review

Is there Any Integrity in a Paid Review

Recently, I read a few blogs saying they are not filling their pages with Google Adsense and any contextual link ads. Writing paid review is definitely not an option. One sited his reason being not prepared to sell himself out.

I guess I took a totally different view point since I’m a marketer working in advertising agencies and graphics design companies for the past 2 decades. An advertisement is similar to a paid blog review, both are paid for by advertisers for someone to write, design and produce for them. Great marketing slogans like “Good to the Last Drop”, “A Diamond is Forever” and “Be The Best You Can Be”, “When You Have It, Flaunt It” are all from advertisements but they are used so often in daily life that no one remember their origins are from paid messages.

Will a blogger  lose his/her credibility just because he/she writes paid reviews in his/her blog? I honestly do not think so. I was invited several times to write a product reviews. Before I accept a paid review offer, I examine the site I’m invited to review intensely. Is this a reputable and legitimate business? What are they selling and promoting? Do I like their layout, functions and aesthetics? Would I change their selling model/copy/layout/whatever as a marketer if I were given an opportunity? Only when I can contribute positively from the marketing and advertising stand-point would I take up the opportunity. By doing so, I stay true to my blogging integrity, which is to share my knowledge and experience honestly and passionately. Secondly, the post is related to my blog theme. Thirdly, I can add value to the advertiser by giving a very objective opinion. Fourthly, I did not sell myself out for monetary reward because I know  my readers can gain an insight from my critique.

As a marketer in the advertising industry, I have no reason to frown on paid reviews or paid blog advertising. Marketing & Advertising folks are paid to create messages that communicate with the target audience.  Even when the product or services are very ordinary, we learn to identify and pinpoint a unique selling point that help our client to differentiate from their competitors. Does that mean that we have sold our integrity? In fact, we have often advised our client not to mislead by over promising as under delivery is a definite killer.

For anyone who is considering to take up a paid review, do your due diligence to check out the company and see if the company and it’s product/service resonates with you. You can choose to turn down the offer if you don’t believe in the product/services. Never sell your integrity for that USD25 or USD250.

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4 Replies to “Is there Any Integrity in a Paid Review”

  1. “Whenever I accept an opportunity from payperpost, I examine the site I’m invited to review intensely. Is this a reputable and legitimate business?”

    This statement, I think, is the key. I don’t mind doing paid posts if I feel that my readers will benefit from knowing about the product or site. If I can’t stand behind the site and be proud of writing the review, I don’t accept the assignment.

    Thanks for your insightful post on this issue!

  2. Hi Laura
    Thanks… I like the way you put it, “If I can’t stand behind the site and be proud of writing the review, I don’t accept the assignment.”. Sometimes, I read a post that I really like, without realizing it was a paid post until I saw the word “advertisement”. It has moved me, convinced me without acting like a pestering salesman.

  3. I too sometimes like paid posts. I have done a few the last few days…I seem to go in spurts to them. I mostly spend the earnings on more paid posts though. I have also paid for 3 (PayPerPost Direct) here in the last few days.

    Paid posts give me a perspective though and a change of scenery. I sometimes write about strange things though that don’t necessarily fit my site…like gothic dating tonight. LOL… I do like there site though and found it interesting reading about the guys in my area. So, I did examine it pretty close before the post.

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