Great Ad 2: Sony Micro Vault

Great Ad 2: Sony Micro Vault

Sony revolutionize with the Walkman. It’s snazzy product ideas, coupled with powerful marketing and advertising campaigns, made Sony a market leader to be reckoned with.

Sony is a bit quiet these days but I thought their Micro Vault ads were pretty cool. Just take a look how much content from your albums, CDs, books and files can go into this small flash drive aptly called Micro Vault.

Sony Micro Vault -  Files


Sony Micro Vault -  CDs

Agency: Tonic Communications LLC (Dubai, UAE) ~ Creative Director: Vincent Raffray ~ Art Director Peter Walker ~ Copywriter: Vincent Raffray

Why is this a good ad?

Attract attention – You’ll wonder, “Why are all these files and CDs behind a metal plate?”

Easy to understand – On a closer look, you realize that it is a flash drive and the books and arch files are simple visual examples showing the huge amount of content you can load into this light weight but heavy duty flash drive. Your eyes would lead you now to see the product, aptly called Micro Vault.

Strong product endorsement – Consciously or subconsciously, you go away with the thought that you can store vast amount of intellectual property safely and security in the Sony Micro Vault.

How do you like these ads?

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