Loyalty Marketing and Rewards Still Work

Loyalty Marketing and Rewards Still Work

One of the greatest invention of modern times must surely be shopping. That habit of browsing with no intention to buy that always seem to end up with you having bags and bags of things that you think “… better to get it now!”

Just take a look at this Shopping Directory, and you tell me if you are going to be buying any of those great stuff? But what if, simply by buying, you can get rewarded? Surely that will make you stop to think a while. One of the worst nightmare of the doting husband is the savvy marketer. There are countless online shopping opportunities, and shopping is not a new skill. In fact, what used to be the domain of “housewives” is no longer so. Everyone shops. Especially online. And here’s what keeps everyone shopping – loyalty marketing.

One of the most effective mechanisms in loyalty marketing is the “reward”. Imagine that you can actually get back the cash which you have spent shopping. That is not a just a reward, it is a very real and tangible incentive for you to go on shopping. If you are paid to shop, in a manner of speaking, you will be the most loyal of all shoppers.

Another example, check out the “freebies“. Who in their right mind would not want to get free ring tones, free ink cartridges, free this or free that? So, the logical mind is bombarded with irresistible offers that actually make sense, and all the while, you are accumulating your cash back.

Let’s face it. We all shop online today. It is as inevitable as rain in London. So, why not make sure we get well rewarded for it, especially if it’s with cash.

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