Great Ad 3: Happy Father’s Day

Great Ad 3: Happy Father’s Day

This is one ad that made me laugh out so loud when I first saw it.

Durex’s copy says: ” To all those who use our competitors’ products: Happy Father’s Day”

Durex's Happy Father's Day ad

Why is it powerful?

Attract attention – You’ll wonder, “Who is wishing the guys a Happy Father’s Day?” The clear blue background also made it stand out when published in the dailies, magazines or as posters on a busy street.

Easy to understand – “To all those who use our competitor’s product”. This means anyone who are not using Durex’s product are now having children. Durex is taking a dig at both the non Durex users and as well as it’s competitor in a humorous, light hearted manner that no one will take serious offense to.

Strong product endorsement – Consciously or subconsciously, you go away with the thought that it’s better to use Durex for greater protection against unwanted surprises.

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