Great Ad 9: Brain, Head, Thinker

Great Ad 9: Brain, Head, Thinker

I’m in the advertising industry for many years but it still took me a little while to figure out what Ad #1 is all about. After that, I went for a research spree and found 2 almost similar ads by the same advertiser. Well, some will call these 3 ads “snobbish” because you may not understand them if you are not one of their fans.

Econmists Ads

(Left Ad #1: Brain ~ Top Right Ad #2: Head Support ~ Bottom Right Ad #3: Behind Every Great Thinker)

Do you think these 3 ads are cool?

Attract Attention:
The portrait version: Firstly, the bold, striking red and white colour scheme commands your instant attention when you flipped to the page. Secondly, the image makes you wonder if you are looking at a pack of uncooked instant noodle or an artistic arrangement that depicts the human brain. You can be staring at this ad for a long time and still be clueless at what it is selling. There is no headline, no copy and no logo. Unless you have sharp eyes, it will be tough to spot the red band of The Economist at the lower half of the ad. To some, it can be an insinuation that they are “brainless” if they don’t know. It’s either you are in or you are out.

The landscape versions: The dominant blue and red colour scheme is also pretty commanding. Either you wonder why The Economist is being so obvious as stating “Head Support” for the seat or you’ll marvel at it. “Behind Every Great Thinker” is a little easier for most people to get the light bulb moment.

Easy to Understand: The “Brain”, “Head” and “Thinker” ads basically tell you that reading The Economist gives you lots of brain juice, that is, it will make you smarter and more intelligent. Clever usage of imagery to convey a message vividly and loudly with no or few words. Well, it may be too clever for some.

Strong Endorsement: The Economist is an intelligent and informative magazine that will make you more knowledgeable.

I like them :)

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5 Replies to “Great Ad 9: Brain, Head, Thinker”

  1. the economist ads is pretty iconic. bold simple statement on red background. they have been crafting if for a long long time. you cant miss it or copied it.

  2. Hi Paul
    Other advertisers can copied it, the question is whether they have the abilitiies to carry it off.
    You are right that the ads are iconic and bold. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. It all comes down to simplicity these days. Getting the message through with as little clutter as possible. Whethere a succinct line of copy or a killer visual that is straightforward. The true test of effectiveness is when it takes as little time as possible to remember them.

  4. Hi, Vivienne!

    It’s a great ad. The copy is simple and straight, of course with a bit of surprise that makes the reader think. It’s in making the reader think with a sensible phrase which pushes him in his pursuits and life lies the greatness of the craft – ad making. Kudos to you for your thoughtful posts.

    Vivienne, I’m sorry I’m not keeping good health these days; also picked up a few assignments and tending to my son. However, I like to read your posts and get the needed fodder to my brain to tick. Thank you so much for your concern in reminding me of your posts.
    Thanks & best wishes to you!

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