Great Ad 11: Volkswagen’s Touareg

Great Ad 11: Volkswagen’s Touareg

This ad done by Fallon Singapore is really interesting. Those who hold to the view that a company’s logo should be used “regally” will see this as blasphemy. Those who don’t, are likely to applaud the very innovative usage of a brand’s logo.


What’s so great about this ad?

Attract attention: You looked at this big blue and white logo and think it is kind of familiar. Then, you realize that it is Volkswagen’s except that it’s placed upside-down now. You might just wonder if someone is doing a parody of some sort.

Easy to understand: When you read the small text under the car, “The all-terrain Touareg.”, you will probably go “ahhhh”. The Fallon folks deliberately turned the logo over to represent mountains and terrains.

Strong product endorsement: Everything in this ad is a product endorsement for Volkswagen – the logo, the image and the text.

I like it. I thought it’s cool. Do you have a problem if your ad agency gives your logo a topsy-turvy treatment?

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4 Replies to “Great Ad 11: Volkswagen’s Touareg”

  1. It works the correct way up also. Why complicate it? VW speaks for itself.
    Artistic ego at play does not sell cars. I’ll bet it doesn’t get much mileage.It certainly is NOT innovative use of the logo.

  2. Hi Baldchemist
    Actually I’m still searching to get some figures if the ad pull in more crowds, sell more cars ,etc.

    === ===

    Hi Ivan
    Thanks for the added information. Not uncommon for a good idea to be given a new look.

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