Great Ad 13: Cadbury Bourn Vita for Kids

Great Ad 13: Cadbury Bourn Vita for Kids

Kids are great influencers to their parents. Once the kids start their wailing or cajoling or did something fascinating that deserves a reward, mummies and daddies will whip out their wallets. This is one product that kids most probably can live without, as they are generally not concerned about their weight, health and growth. But mummies and daddies do, and they can be real paranoiacs about that.

Bournvita's Stephanie


Bournvita Tarsem

Bournvita's Henry

Creative Directors: Piyush Pandey, Abhijit Avasthi, Art Directors Siddhartha Dutta, Amol Ghotkar, Cop Writer: Manoj Shetty

What’s so special about this series?

Attract Attention: Most of us will recognize the words “Stephanie”, Tarsem” and “Henry” were styled after heroes – super or Disney classic. For those who are not into DC Comics and Disney, “Stephanie” is modelled after Superman, “Tarsem” is Tarzan while “Henry” is He-Man from the Masters of the Universe

Easy to Understand: The common characteristic of these 3 gentlemen are they are heroes with lots of mental and physical energy to fight for the world to rid it of the baddies. So by using the imagery, the connotation or rather the positioning is therefore, that Cadbury Bourn Vita is “The super energy drink for every kid.”. Aptly written, aptly portrayed.

Strong Message: The message cannot be clearer to mums and dads,”Get your kids to drink Cadbury Bourn Vita and they will be strong like these heroes”

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  1. Hi Vivienne!

    These are great ads. The message is simple. My son immediately picks up anything which is associated with his favourite cartoon series’ heroes.
    Thanks & Regards

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