Ad Placement – What is it worth?

Ad Placement – What is it worth?

One of the problems faced by many agencies must surely be telling clients why they have to “pay more”. Premiums are never easy for clients to accept. Some examples of premiums are:

  • Urgent, overnight film production
  • Placement loading (right-hand page, back page…)
  • Color proofing

Cigarette & Anti Cigarette adsBillboard ads

I am sure you can think of many more instances. But nowhere is it more difficult than with outdoor advertising. Clients just cannot seem to understand that effort and costs are incurred to ensure that their billboards are well taken care of. They wonder what they are paying for, month after month. Well, the next time they wonder, just show them this “15 Unfortunately Placed Ads” and tell them how fortunate they are that their ads are handled so, so very well. Enjoy.

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7 Replies to “Ad Placement – What is it worth?”

  1. It’s a good interesting post. It’s quite intriguing how bizarre it could be if we don’t go into the detalis ( however insignificant they could be)!

  2. To think, those companies probably paid big bucks for those unfortunate placements.

    I especially feel bad for the fellow whose face is juxtaposed with the woman’s breasts. I wonder if he knows?

  3. I know they say a picture says more then a thousand words or something like that, some ads do not say a thing, altho some are good but very few. and I like them but then some are so bad I would not pay a cent for them just like the one with that man with a womans body that is really sick and they paid for that? ha ha ha must have paid five cents if that..

  4. Hi LilyRuth

    Indeed it’s unfortunate that Yanni “has” a half naked woman’s body. There’s nothing wrong with the respective ad’s execution but everything to do how the ad is been positioned and placed.

  5. Hi Vivienne,

    That article you mention is hilarious! I do wonder if they’re all genuine, but whether they are or not, very humorous.

    I hope you’ve been keeping well lately.

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