Business Slogan 33: Keep Walking

Business Slogan 33: Keep Walking

Check out this “Android” commercial and you will probably see why more than 700 people have voted for it at YouTube. Johnny Walker is certainly going to keep walking, walking and walking for a long time.

According to The Mill, this 60-second television commercial “brings to life the brand’s philosophy of personal progress and provides an antidote to the prevailing view of the future – that the world will be dominated by technology and run by machines.”

What is inspiring to the human spirit is that the Android, representing the best and greatest of science and technology, aspires to be a human; “to feel, to hope, to despair, to want, to love. He said ” if I can achieve immortality by not wearing out, you can achieve immortality just by doing one great thing … keep walking.” Life is a journey of continuous living, learning, experiencing and feeling. Only when we chose to stop that we quit living a meaningful and purposeful life. I got this message because I looked beyond the alcohol ad. What about you?

Folks at YouTube have some really interesting comments on this 2006 production…

Plumevine felt that

They are trying to make us believe that people who aim towards good health and a productive life are ‘not enjoying life’ and just being cold robots.

What they are not saying is that when you are a healthy human, you can enjoy a longer, happier and BETTER life than someone who lives off the bottle. It’s common sense.

Hugilin said

Johnnie Walker has achieved immortality simply by doing one great thing. Kept walking his way, THE way.

As long as your know fearing death is an useless emotion, then, you shall live forever.

eduardogrojas applauded it

if this is not the best advertising i dont know which is… this definitely hit the spot… it’s emotional, perfectly focused on their target market, inspirational, incredible fotography, art, and perfectly matches the brand. brilliant… just brilliant… I’ll get a freakn Johnnie Walker (black label of course) right now!

BlauerKoden is getting a bottle

You know.. That ad was so f@#$ good that I’m going to buy a freakin johnnie walker right now.

What do you get from seeing this commercial?

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4 Replies to “Business Slogan 33: Keep Walking”

  1. I really appreciated your synopsis of this video! Very insightful…and poetic your interpretation is!
    Thanks for helping me see beyond the obvious.

    Glad I visited U today.

    ‘Notes From the Mothership ~ The Naked Invisibles’
    due out November 2007

  2. Great ad! It’s definitely memorable.

    The message I got was that human beings are unique and cannot ever be replaced and not only that it’s an amazing thing to be human.

  3. This is really good. Great advertisement. I got sucked in totally. It enrolled my emotions.

    Vivienne, thanks for sharing.

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