Business Slogan 35: Connecting People

Business Slogan 35: Connecting People

A carefully crafted business slogan speaks volumes of it’s brand value and promise, successfully.

Before you click on the commercial, guess who used this famous 2-word slogan?

The first time I saw Nokia’s ad with it’s new slogan, “Connecting People”, I sucked in my breath. Just 2 simple words but so much is being said in these two words written by Ove Strandberg in 1992.

Nokia is all about mobile phones. However, with the aptly worded slogan “Connecting People”, the brand is telling us it is not merely selling a commodity called mobile phone.

Nokia positioned itself as a bridge to close the distance between people. We can reach out to those who matter to us. A phone call is all it takes to communicate love, care, warmth, respect, longing and pining. A phone call is all it takes to dissolve any doubts, suspicions, quarrels and disputes. No matter where you are, you can solve problems and find solutions by reaching out to the people you need to connect with.

The product is the means to an end. We want money not because of money itself but for the many, many pleasures we can get in return. This is exactly what Nokia is doing. The slogan is telling us Nokia is connected to us, and we are connected to other people because of the wonders of the Nokia phone. Nokia connects people across barriers and over distances. All these are achieved very elegantly and subtly in 2 simple words. A masterly stroke.

In May 2007, Nokia defined its new values for the company. Based on employee suggestions, the new values were defined as: Engaging You, Achieving Together, Passion for Innovation and Very Human. They are perfectly in line with the “Connecting People” slogan.

If you had clicked on the television commercial, you’ll see how Nokia connects people beautifully and romantically with “Will You Marry Me”. The emotions will probably make you feel closer and more connected with the brand, especially if you are in the courtship age or mood.

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8 Replies to “Business Slogan 35: Connecting People”

  1. Hi vivienne!
    It’s wonderful slogan which inspires us to speak and connect. It exhorts us to appreciate, console and share our feelings and make a better world.

    It’s great to ponder over and take a good close look to get inspired from these beautiful expressions. Thanks Vivienne, you’re doing wonderful posts! keep it going, all the best!

  2. Yes, this is why some slogans (like Maxwell Coffee) is more than 100-year old. Honestly, I like the “Connecting People” slogan. Been using Nokia for years.

  3. I think the best slogan of all time is still: “Where’s the beef?” from the early Wendy’s commercials. I think it was late 60’s or early 70’s.

  4. That’s definitely a good one. Doubt they are still using it. Wonder why some companies ditched something that works for something that’s new. Maxwell Coffee’s slogan is more than 100 years old. Singapore Airline has not changed it’s slogan or it’s Singapore GIrl icon for more than half a century.

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