Business Slogan 37: It’s A Sony

Business Slogan 37: It’s A Sony

A carefully crafted business slogan speaks volumes of it’s brand values and promises, successfully.

Sony Walkman Ad by Rafineri, Istanbul

So, who coined this familiar phrase which is used as the parting shot of Sony’s television commercial? Any idea of an interesting story behind it?

According to the official story, the slogan was born in 1982 when the company revamped it’s corporate identity. When Morita was shown the design for this “S mark” logo, he was concerned whether people who saw the logo for the first time would wonder what the word represent. He reasoned that a brief, catchy description would be helpful to explain the “S mark.” The phrase he came up with was, “It’s a Sony!” This, he believed, would add impact to the advertisement.

Thereafter, all Sony TV commercials ended with the “S mark,” followed by a voice-over saying, “It’s a Sony!” This unique combination of picture and sound quickly became recognized around the world as a unique Sony trait

What does “It’s a Sony” meant to you today? Vested on the laurels of the unprecedented phenomenal successful of the Sony Walkman, Sony could be synonymous with

  • It’s a product made by Sony
  • It’s a guarantee that I’m having a quality product
  • It’s cool to be seen with a Sony
  • It’s a social statement that I know what’s good, what’s hip
  • It’s a recognition that I’m a discerning consumer

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5 Replies to “Business Slogan 37: It’s A Sony”

  1. Vivienne!
    I liked the slogan. It’s so short and crisp. It does really say many things without actually uttering them.
    I always crave to coin a slogan like that. But how many small clients understand these kind of phenomenal slogans. they want to say everything literally.
    The greatest message is always unsaid. It has a way into the hearts of us.
    Great post and thank you for bringing these great slogans back to our mind.

  2. I think one needs to differentiate between those brands which have a great heritage and recognition (Sony, Coca Cola) from newbie brands trying to penetrate the market. Imagine if I launch a new product called “Woozee” and my slogan is “It’s a Woozee” (yeah right).

    I suppose MNCs have an advantage when it comes to catchy slogans and jingles because of the sheer amount of advertising dollars that they spend pumping that into every single cranium on the planet. Of course some still do suck badly like Microsoft’s “Where Do You Want To Go Today” a few years back. Nike’s “Just Do It” still tops them all, me thinks.

  3. Yes, Walter, a big war chest does help to increase the mind share of the advertiser’s brand. Just curious, why do you say Nike’s “Just Do It” sucks?

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