Business Slogan 39: No Battery Lasts Longer

Business Slogan 39: No Battery Lasts Longer

A carefully crafted business slogan speaks volumes of it’s brand values and promises, successfully.

It is difficult to look at Duracell Batteries’ slogan without making a comparison with its closest competitor, Energizer Batteries. Duracell claims theirs are the best as no battery lasts as long. While Energizer emphasizes that theirs kept going, going and going. So who’s the winner?

I did a simple test with family, friends and colleagues. I’m not surprised when only one out of the eight could recall who said what. Yet, all these folks grew up by popping batteries into their Walkman. One correctly said both companies own a pink bunny as a mascot. In fact, he was wondering why would Duracell made a duplicate of the more famous Energizer Bunny and called it it’s mascot too. He said it didn’t make any commercial sense. Hmmm, perhaps, but that’s another story I will talk about later.

Energizer’s “Keep going, going and going” seems to be more well known but that doesn’t relegate the effectiveness of Duracell’s business slogan either. The 4-word slogan is simple to understand, straight to the point. It wastes no effort to mince its words to hit directly at all it’s competitors by stating its product’s superiority.

So, why is it less memorable than Energizer’s? My analysis is the marketing efforts placed behind this particular slogan. From early 1990s to mid 2000s, the company has used at least four slogans:

“When it comes to making them last longer, we never stop.” (ca. 1970s)
“One that last” (ca. late 1980s)
“No battery last longer (late 1980s – early 1990s)
“No battery is stronger longer.” (ca. 1990s)
“Trusted Everywhere” (ca. 2000s)
“The battery you dream about.” (mid to late 2000).

Energizer only revamped it’s slogan once, from “Keep going, going, going”(in early 1990s) to “Keep going” in the mid 2000s.

This post is dedicated to Walter Lim of Coolinsights

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4 Replies to “Business Slogan 39: No Battery Lasts Longer”

  1. Hi Vivienne!

    The Duracell’s slogan looks more clear. It last longer – this is a popular phrase we’re often familiar with. We encounter it in our every day life.
    I like all the business slogans -this series! The research involved to unearth the facts is fantastic. Its a great effort. Kudos!
    Thanks & Regards

  2. Nice one there. I think both Duracell and Everyready’s Energizer are neck to neck when it comes to the portable power race. Perhaps the market is just big enough for two leading brands? There are of course lots of other alkaline battery suppliers like Panasonic, Fuji and so on but they don’t quite get the same mindshare and top of mind recall as these two.

  3. The market is surely big enough for two leading brands. My guess is that these brands are geographically aiming at (or gaining) different markets. In European countries, for example, the Duracell commercials are known by all, while many can’t even recall ever seeing a Energizer commercial.

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