Is Internet Marketing An Effective Marketing Tool?

Is Internet Marketing An Effective Marketing Tool?

When we find something new, there is always the tendency for us to get
so caught up in the novelty of it all, the hype, the excitement and
the new experience that we might get a little carried away. Internet
marketing is one of those “new thing” that you might encounter.

There are clear advantages of Internet Marketing as a new medium of
communications. One of the most obvious is the fact that Internet
Marketing can be low cost or “no-cost”. On top of that, its incredible
reach is a clear advantage compared to traditional advertising
methods. The Internet reaches the entire world, not just your
district, your state or your country.

However, it is definitely not the be-all and end-all of marketing. It
does have its fair share of limitations and idiosyncrasies. It is so
easy for us to be lulled into a false sense of wonderment at this new
technology and ascribe to it capabilities that are far beyond reality.

With this in mind, let us explore some of what the capabilities are,
and are not. Of course, the very first point to note is Internet
Marketing is not, be any measure, a replacement of traditional
marketing. If you thought that, perish the thought immediately. At
best, it is but an additional element in your marketing mix, at worse,
it can be a distraction from your real marketing campaign.

The Internet is well capable of levels of interaction never before
possible. Immediately, you can get feedback from your audience through
comments, feedback forms, forums and emails. Internet Marketing that
does not take advantage of this incredible capability totally misses
the mark.

Another allure of Internet Marketing, and one of its main pitfalls, is
the misconception and the unfortunate association with, get-rich-quick
schemes. Marketing, in all its various forms have all gone through
this “phase” in their development. Take for example, Direct Marketing.
In the early days of Direct Marketing, many of these companies have
touted it’s “get-rich-quick” aspects. And many in the mainstream
shunned the medium for a long time. In fact, it was only a short two
decades or so that Direct Marketing has been acknowledged as a viable
and powerful marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing is facing its own test at this time. While there
are many legitimate Internet Marketing programs, there are many times
more dubious programs that tout unproven results and hyped up,
sensationalized achievements.

As marketers, we cannot ignore Internet Marketing. At the same time,
we need to come to grasp with what it really is, and see through the
hype and hoopla to tap the true potential of this powerful, new

We advocate Internet Marketing to be used as a component in your
marketing strategy. Usually, when you launch a product, a lot of time
and effort are put into the Above The Line (ATL) Advertisements, the
Pricing Model, the Launch Offer, the Channel Stragegies and so on. All
these are valid. Then, a month before launch, the boss says, “Oh,
yeah, and let’s have a web site up for it.”

On the other extreme, over emphasis on Internet Marketing to the
neglect of the other essential elements of a successful marketing
campaign can have an even worse impact on the company and the success (or rather, failure) of the product.

Internet Marketing elements like email marketing, online feedback,
interactive advertisements and so on, should form a key part of the
overall marketing communications plan. They should complement and
enhance your traditional marketing methods.

Internet Marketing is a tool. As much as TV commercials, giant
billboards, bus ads, taxi ads, radio ads and so on are all tools of the
trade for advertising. Promotions, Direct Mail and sales hooks are all
part and parcel of the marketing push. They are all tools in the able
marketer’s arsenal. Internet Marketing can be your best, newest,
shining-est tool. But it is a tool nonetheless and should be used as
such – wisely.

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5 Replies to “Is Internet Marketing An Effective Marketing Tool?”

  1. I feel that Internet Marketing can be used as the star of a marketing campaign depending on what products you are pushing for.

    Outstanding examples being the movies “Snakes on a Plane” and “The Blairwitch Project” and even some musical talents are promoted with a lot of success using internet portals such as

    But i agree with you on having to use it wisely.

  2. I see internet marketing as a complementary vehicle to our good old TV commercial, billboards, bus ads, print ad, flyers and so on. The sheer accessibility and freedom of expression online allows people ‘to have a say’, be part of the action wthout reserve, thus making it a fluid platform in terms of continuing with the building of a brand culture or personality of a product. And yes, I agree its not the be-all and end-all of marketing. Different strokes work for different folks.

  3. I agree with you.

    Unfortunately most people approach internet marketing with a “make easy money” mindset and thus fall for these get-rich-quick schemes.

    Those who don’t end up buying tons of ebooks and never take FOCUSED action because they still approach internet marketing with the same “make easy money” mindset.

    The right mindset is that of an entrepreneur who builds a real business and uses internet marketing solely as a MARKETING MEDIUM, not some “easy way” to earn quick bucks.

  4. Wow! Feels good to have so many of you agreeing with me.

    Wei: Yes, Internet Marketing can indeed form the core strategy for a Marketing Campaign. But I guess the key word here is “campaign”. It cannot be a stand-a-lone action, no matter how great it is.

    Gobbs: You are absolutely right. Not every marketing plan needs to include “internet” in it. But its reach and low cost makes it almost silly to exclude an online component, don’t you think?

    Charles: You are spot on! Many people don’t take action. The entrepreneurial mind is what we need. Keep tabs on; something is coming up in a few weeks’ time. Get on the mailing list.

  5. Hi Vivienne,

    Well said. I do agree with you.

    “Is Internet Marketing An Effective Marketing Tool?”
    Yes, if people know where to find you (your website). Is who know you and not who you know”
    It serve as complimentary vehicle to reach a certain group of prospects and clients seeking to be satisfied their respective needs or wants.
    The vital point is what really attract people to your website, eg: easy access, user friendly, Informative, providing the products & services to meet the “real needs”.
    Need to map out a good marketing strategy and Marketing Campaign.
    To be successful in the internet marketing, require many hours of hard work and planning to get traffic to your website.

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