My Top 10 Posts for 2007

My Top 10 Posts for 2007


There is only one more day to go for 2007. And so, there is no better time than now to take a quick run through some of my favorite 10 posts for the year.

1. 4 Great Tips to Selecting The Best Marketing or Advertising Agency
Creative Portfolio is not the only way nor the top selection criteria when choosing your marketing/advertising agency. Learn the all-new 4Ps of agency short-listing and selection.

2. Cheated by your Marketing Agency through a Pitch?
Find out the reasons why an award-winning creative agency can end up giving a lacklustre performance to its new client. Get some tips to avoid such pitfalls.

3. How Much To Pay Your Advertising Agency?
Take heed that you must pay beyond artwork. Behind that seemingly simple artwork is a complex web of research, analysis, planning, conceptualizing, copywriting, experience, testing, creativity and execution. Check out the criteria to a fair payment.

4. How to Use “Pay by Performance” with a Marketing Agency?
Before the ad agency and the client decide to go for “pay by results” payment mode, they have to agree on the ground rules. Find out if these 5 tips works for you if you too believe in paying by results.

5. Why is Logo Design That Important?
A logo is a visual short-cut to your brand identity and it speaks volumes of your promise and deliverables to your target audience. Understand the background homework you must do before you brief your creative folks to create or revamp your logo.

6. No Big Deal if Your Logo is Similar to Another?
A “me too” type of logo could be the quickest way to kill a brand. Learn from the mistakes and their financial loss as well as legal troubles of those whose logo are too similar to their competitors.

7. How to Select and Brief a Copywriter?
If you pick an inappropriate copywriter for your job, your copy might suffer. If you chose the right copywriter but you couldn’t brief him/her properly, you are not getting the best out of him/her. Check out these 24 questions that a professional writer might ask.

8. Do You Have a Personal Brand?
Most people know the importance of corporate identity and personality, yet, somehow forget about personal branding. The public will not know much about any corporation but they will find it easier to relate with what they read about the CEO of that corporation.

9. Sex In Advertising?
Sex in print advertisements actually improves the advertising effectiveness for men, but makes it less likely that they will recall any brand name the ad was promoting. Check out an interesting survey on how differently men and women see a similar ad.

10. 7 Famous Slogans of 20th Century
The purpose of an advertising slogan is to leave a key brand message in the mind of its target market. Beside listing the 7 criteria to make a slogan memorable and timeless, I have also listed my favourite 7 slogans of the 20th century.

And then, there is this other post, Entrepreneurs Are Born, that’s outside the realm of marketing and advertising. It is a post to share my take on what’s entrepreneurship. Starting your own company does not mean you stop being an employee. An entrepreneur is not about being your own boss but is about how you can survive, grow and expand despite all the up-hill challenges.

I look forward to having your continued support in 2008, and like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year. May 2008 brings you lots of happiness and prosperity!

See you all in 2008.

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