New Twist To Online Advertising

New Twist To Online Advertising

We are all familiar with the traditional modes of advertising – print, TV, Radio and of course, online. But this is a new twist for online advertising called Net Audio Ads.

Let me try to summarize what this is all about.

Most online advertising focuses on specific actions and are usually measured by pay per clicks or pay per lead. This has evolved over the short history of Internet Marketing. Generally, this is considered the most targeted and the best documented advertising media ever. You can hardly get such good statistics and such pin-point accuracy with any of the other medium of advertising.

Net Audio Ads seems like a throw back to the good old days of radio advertising. So, where is the twist? Targeting.

With radio, you can barely get a broad target audience right. But with Net Audio Ads, you can, to a great degree, target your audience by specifying what type of web sites your audio ads will play on. It’s like a “best of both worlds” scenario.

For online players like bloggers and others who want to monetise their web sites, Net Audio Ads offer an excellent opportunity to do so – with 100% of their traffic. If your blog or web site has been selected for the Net Audio Ad to appear, every single one of your visitors will hear a relevant, five second audio clip. Best part of it all? You get paid for every one of them. No clicks necessary, since the message has already been delivered.

They also run an affiliate program which has three tiers:

Tier 1 – Get paid for ads on your site. And/or

Tier 2 – Get paid on ads served on the websites of those that you personally refer, and

Tier 3: Get paid on ads served on the websites of those that your direct referrals refer

I think that any webmaster or blogger who is serious about monetising their web traffic should take a look at this. There is a February 1, 2008 deadline for those interested in signing up for their affiliate program.

Looks like this is an opportunity for both advertisers (to try out a new medium of advertising) and for site owners (to have new source of multiple streams of income).

2008 seems to be shaping up to be an interesting year. With social media growing strongly and new advertising methods like this, we really have to stay on our toes.

In fact, this is so exciting, I have even signed up myself. So, if you want, sign up through this link:

Sign Up For this “New Thing”

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3 Replies to “New Twist To Online Advertising”

  1. Can you provide an update on this program? Is it still active today – and is it still the most effective way to advertise?

  2. Regrettably the site is no longer around. Effectiveness is always relative to your objective and targeted results. You’ll have to set your own yardstick, request for whatever statistic available from the media owner and the market and do an analysis to reach a decision whether it is the right vehicle for you and your product.

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