The Right Choice is Not Always the Successful Choice!

The Right Choice is Not Always the Successful Choice!

Right or Wrong

From young, I was told by parents, teachers and friends to think carefully so as to make the right decisions on all things. I’m sure you’ll have gotten somewhat the same advice.Nothing wrong with that, right? After all, our decisions are made based on what we believe to be logical, sensible and appropriate. Yet T. Harv Eker made one statement that really shook me:

The problem, however, is that your right choice many not be a successful choice. In fact, what made perfect sense to you may consistently produce perfectly poor results.

I honestly thought I have made the right decisions to reach the right choices in my life. Yet, when I look at the outcomes and results, some were lacklustre and a few were disappointing. Results don’t lie. No matter how I want to look at it “the other way”, I cannot white-wash the facts.

I realized to my horror that I have made the “right” decisions but I didn’t make them because I think, feel or believe they were the most viable option.

I made them because of

herd instinct. I had abdicated my rights to exercise my choice because it is so much easier to leave the interpretation, judgment and decision to the others. It is so convenient not to think and just proceed with the herd. My learned friend, Umesh, admonished me, “Why must you be among the 99%, you could be that 1% and stay right there.” Yes, oh, yes.

habits. Past experiences form habits, and these go into an autopilot process and cycle. This is exactly why T Harv Eker said “unlearning is the first step to success”. Old ways of thinking and acting have got me exactly where I am now.

comfort zone.  It is so much more cozy to nestle inside there than to make new and different decision. T Harv Eker’s act in spite of is a constant reminder these days; otherwise I would have wasted all my investment in his Millionaire Mind Intensive and Quantum Leap programs.

The list goes on.

In my line of work, my clients, in all sincerity, believe that they were making the right choices to

  • cut marketing and advertising budgets when times are bad because nobody buys much anyway
  • reject a light-hearted tongue-in-cheek copy because it may alienate the more conservative group
  • have their logo positioned at the central top position of the ad because big logos attracts attention
  • cramp all available space in their newsletter with information, charts, graphs and photographs

Are these the right choices when

  • Marketing and Sales are the only revenue generating source. Plus, people forgets you when you are out of action.
  • 80% of the buyers are the hip and funky teeny poppers and the young-at-heart working executive. Only 20% are the “down to earth” main stream folks.
  • When suspects, prospects and existing clients are more interested to find out the benefits, incentives, rewards and bonuses. “Benefits” are magnets for customers. They don’t care about your “Features”.
  • People prefer “bite sized” info because we are already swarmed with so much information every second.

Self righteousness prevent us from seeing from another perspective and possibly blank out lots of goodness. We can choose to think, feel and act in ways that will support our happiness and success. Harv Eker asks in his Millionaire Mind Intensive program:

… [Will you] be willing to let go of having to do it your way. Why? Because your way has gotten you exactly what you’ve got right now. If you want more of the same, keep doing it your way. If you’re not yet rich, however, maybe it’s time your consider a different way …

So the right choice is not always the successful choice. So I must consider to think, feel and act the “wrong” way to experience being “right”.

Interesting. Really, really quite profound.

Click Millionaire Mind Intensive to understand how thousands of people were transformed within 3 short days . You can empowered yourself and change your money blueprint overnight. I know this for a fact. I have changed and I have witnessed the changes in my friends. MMI is not one of those seminars with a whole lot of hype and rah-rah. Those will probably work for a couple of days and then you fall back into your old patterns. MMI has practical tools that keep you on track. I’m still on track and I’m going to attend MMI again to refresh and re-learn. Let me know if you are joining me.

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7 Replies to “The Right Choice is Not Always the Successful Choice!”

  1. Hi Vivienne:

    Thanks for taking the time to write and share. It reminds all of us.

    I am especially appreciative as I consider how busy we all are, but you find the time to share.

    You are awesome. Keep it up.

    Love & rgds
    Bob Koh

  2. Hi Solomon
    I’m learning as I go along too.

    === ===

    Hi Bob
    I just learned something new: It’s not about time management but about life management. I can resonate with T Harv Eker, so linking his teaching with real life comes easy. Anyway, it was a pleasure to do. When it’s fun, it’s no longer a chore. BTW, we are all awesome :)

  3. Hi Vivienne,

    You have exposed the true essense of a Millionaire Mindset & I believe that whoever read your post & understand the message within will truly benefit from it.

    I fully agreed with the statement “unlearning is the 1st step to success” because many people failed in life because they failed to understand that what & who they are today are the direct result of their thought & action in the past.

    Often, our mind are conditioned from young to fail in life from the largely negative experiences & influence of our working class peers & thus we grow up thinking & doing things that are destined to lead us to failure in the later part of our life no matter how hard we work & strive in our job.

    Thus, the 1st step to success is to recognise & understand that our current situation is a product of our past choice & direction and that in order to change our life for the better, we have to think & do things differently in the way that will lead us to the path of success.

    Through unlearning, we will freed ourself of the path that have led us to our present situation and open up our mind to new ideas and enhance our ability to learn from the experiences of others who have already achieved success in life.

    Therefore, it is through an open mind & heart that we can then receive infinite opportunity & success.

  4. Hi Sunny
    Thank you for your touching letter. I especially like your last line that “it is through an open mind & heart that we can then receive infinite opportunity & success.” The unlearning and unconditioning part is tough, however, with determination and perseverances, we can do it. Like Dr Bob said (in the comment before yours), we are all awesome in our own ways. Cheers.

  5. Vivienne!

    Thank you for this post. I appreciate you for sharing it. I think the ‘right thing’ tends to be what I as an artist/professional am passionate about and therefore willing to commit to. In doing so, I do not succumb (all the time) to ‘herd mentality’, ‘habit’, and/or the ‘comfort zone.’ Those influences may at times be hard to ward off.

    Innovation, creativity, and vision are wonderful attributes. Yet, they require passion, faith, and commitment. Success comes to those that seek it in its varied forms and by their respective definition and needs.

    Vivienne, thank you again for your insights and allowing us to be privy to your personal reflections.

    Adrienne Zurub
    ‘Notes From the Mothership The Naked Invisibles’

  6. Hi Adrienne
    Thanks for your insight too. I cannot agree more to your statement that “Success comes to those that seek it in its varied forms”. I believe in what Buckminster Fuller said, “Sharing is learning more”.

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