6 Replies to “The “Wen” or Culture in 2008 Beijing Olympics Logo”

  1. Hi Vivienne!
    Thanks for letting us know what Beijing Olympics Logo is all about!

  2. Who knew there was so much behind the Chinese Olympic logo? I appreciate that you are sharing your knowledge and opinions with us.



  3. Thanks, Joel, I’m a Chinese living in Asia and the ability to appreciate oriental culture help me to lead to an enriched life in a society that is heavily influenced by foreign cultures. Yet many Chinese not only do not appreciate their culture, they are abandoning it totally. It is not wrong to embrace other cultures, however, I do not believe in forsaking our own roots totally.

  4. This article was great to land on. I’m a Chinese guy living in NJ and haven’t been able to go back to the “mother land”. Thanks for the insight on the logo for the 2008 games. I’m always looking online for cool symbols with meaning behind them.

  5. Hi Eddie
    To have ‘insights of the logo” would mean that the founder of the company has a committed belief and mission towards his company, products and the clients he/she serves. And he must have the capability to effectively communicate all that to his marketing/brand/logo specialist, and then hopefully the specialist is able to translate all that abstract thoughts and vision into something visible. Quite a process :)

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