Great Ad 19: Wide Eyes Sea Turtle & Clownfish

Great Ad 19: Wide Eyes Sea Turtle & Clownfish

Don’t click on these 2 ads to see the enlarged version first. That will burst the suspense bubble right away. Make a guess at what the sea turtle and clown fish are staring at, with their eyes super big and round?

Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris ~ Executive Creative Director: Olivier Altmann ~ Art Director: Frdric Royer ~ Copywriter: Olivier Camensuli

OK … now click to check out the logo at the bottom right of the advertisements.

Now,  do you appreciate these advertisements better or do you give it a thumbs down?

Whatever your stand, you’ll have to admit that the Wonderbra people has lots of guts to churn out unorthodox advertisements.

When it comes to women’s lingerie or swim wear advertisements, the conventional, safe, in-the-box way will be to feature a sexy blond with big boobs, rounded behind and with an hour-glass body to kill for. Her sultry looks, alluring figure and of course, the sexy 2-piece will drive up our blood pressure and cause our eyes to bulge.  This “sure-to-work” sexy formula ticks like clockwork but it is so boringly predicable.

On the the other hand, the unorthodox, non-sexy Wonderbra advertisements breathe a new breath of life. We don’t get to see the sexy results, however, we got to see the benefits and effects of the swim-wear through the squirmy looks and wide eyes of the sea animals. What you don’t see may actually spark a wilder imagination. It’s really a sexy ad without being at all sexy.

I would say these are great ads from the creative perspective. Beautifully art directed, simple to understand and relevant to the product.

Will it get the cash register ringing? Who knows. These types of advertisements only appeal to a certain niche of people. However, this niche appreciates individuality, originality and anything out-of the-box, and will likely be steadfast supporters.

Wonderful ads.

7 Replies to “Great Ad 19: Wide Eyes Sea Turtle & Clownfish”

  1. These ads are out of the box. They often let the imagination run wild; at a lot lesser cost. I really liked the idea behind.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great idea, i like ads like that.
    Ads like that makes us to think further and remember this logo for a long time.

  3. I am firmly behind the Wonderbra team who have come up with a great idea, and I am sure lot of people, who are fed up with the flesh jobs, will be on our side. But I do not think the ad is going to be liked by the bulging blondes very much.

  4. What a unique concept for advertising a bra!

    Well, I think this will definitely catch the attention of many or raise many eyebrows perhaps. But no matter what people’s reactions are, what’s still important is that the ad will gain popularity, which may lead to increase of sales since more people are becoming aware of the brand.

    Nice post, by the way. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes, it is unique and kinda of cute which entice people to read again. Though some folks said bad news is better than no news, I won’t agree to that all the time and certainly not for a paid advertisement. Show the wrong stuff, said the wrong things would cause negative results. This is especially so for products like bras.

  6. LOL … it is a tough job to please everyone. Made me think of Bill Cosby’s “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” :)

  7. LOL! That is just a unique yet amusing way to advertise a brand of bra. I think not all of us would come up with something like this so I really admire the creativity of the creator of this ad’s concept. Anyways, I think this can affect the sales of the brand positively.

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Will sure come back again to see more.

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