The Rocks in Your Life

The Rocks in Your Life

Let me share with you a story… …

Once upon a time, 3 rich guys decided to have a get-together and the brilliant idea was to row a boat to the middle of the lake to enjoy a fabulous afternoon tea.

Happily, they rowed out. Once they anchored the boat and settled down, they laughed. Seems that they forgot to bring the teapot.

“It’s OK, I’ll get the teapot,” Rich Guy #1 stood up, put his leg over the side of the boat and began to walk on the water back to the shore. He trooped to the nearest shop and brought back a nice teapot with a picture of an English Rose.

Rich Guy #2 boiled the water and poured into the new teapot. Once that’s done, they looked at each other for tea leaves.

“Never mind, I’ll run back to get some Earl Grey”. Rich Guy #2 wiped his hands clean, climbed over the side of the boat and gamely walked on the water back to the shore. He brought back an expensive tin of Earl Grey.

Now everyone is happy and started chatting while sipping the hot brew. Rich Guy #3 suddenly pined for some open-face sandwiches and volunteered to go get some.

He got up and like the others, put one leg over the side of the boat. Splah! He fell into the water. The other 2 rich guys had to help him back up to the boat as he almost sank.

“How on earth did you two manage to walk ON water?”

The other 2 rich guys looked at him with amusement, “Well, we know where the rocks are”.

Now, that is the crux of the matter, isn’t it?

Do you know where are the rocks in your life – personal and business?

What are these rocks?

Why are they important?

How do they impact your life?

When did they surface?

Which are your Big Rocks, Small Rocks,  Stones,  Pebbles, Sand?

And, if I gave you a container, how are you going to put a pile of big rocks, small rocks, stones, pebbles, sand plus a jug of water into it?

Would you attempt to place them in randomly without any sequence?  I’m sure you wouldn’t do that. You know it will be tough to get everything – including every speck of sand and every drop of water – into the container

The smart strategy is to put the Big Rocks in, followed by the Small Rocks, stones pebbles, sand and lastly add in the water. Voila, that’s it, you’re done.

Now, the interesting question is: Do you treat your personal life and business life this way? Do you treat marketing of your product or yourself this way?

This story once again reminded me to start thinking of the “rocks” in my life again.

8 Replies to “The Rocks in Your Life”

  1. Yep, always important to remember what is most important to your business.

    Take a step back every now and then.

    Otherwise I find you focus on what problems and trying to fix them whether they deserved to fixed or not.

  2. This post does make you think a little. My last manager always used to tell me to just sit back, breath and take a little time out before trying to work on problems.

  3. It’s important to know where the problems lurking. Often we plunge headlong thinking it’s gonna be one smooth ride. It’s prudent to see the unseen problems in business and life.
    It’s not that easy as it’s said. But, little observation goes a long way in preventing some problems.
    Good story with a good lesson!

  4. Hi Gerri
    Back in those days when I’m an employee, my boss also told me to “give it an overnight test”. When we have clarity, we will know where our Big Rocks are. Thanks for visiting and I look forward to your return visit.

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