Web Development Have Grown Up

Web Development Have Grown Up

Few of the young people who have grown up with Google, Facebook and all the other wonderful Web 2.0 stuff will remember the time when the web was first born.

We of the cow-gum and bromide era sometimes long for the simplicity of the good old days. We did not have to deal with User Interfaces, 3rd-Party Integration, Social Media and worse, user training. Yes, many people do not realise it, but embarking on an online campaign is really not the same as an offline campaign.

If your staff is not trained properly, you will miss out on a lot of the power of your online campaign. I have taken a look at many web design companies, since many of my clients want us to work on web projects nowadays. Few of them are so clear in what they offer as this Bay Area Web Development Company that I happened to stumble upon.  Just take a look at the range of services that are being offered by this web development company and you will understand what I mean.

Many years ago, when I first started doing websites, I actually learned HTML on my own. Mostly, I followed the tutorials on Web Monkey; and now, they have also evovled and become a Web Development Blog. The times are changing fast. If you really want to bring your company’s marketing online, don’t just settle for a simple web page. That does not work anymore.

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