Small Business Web Sites

Small Business Web Sites

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a “distress email” with regards to her website. Apparently, she bought a webhosting package about 6 months ago, then suddenly, she got an email that informed her about the service closing down!

Can you imagine that?

You spend days, maybe weeks looking for a “good” web host and then spend more days and weeks getting your website designed, tested and finally launched. Months later, you are informed that you need to go through that whole process again. Now, coming from a recent failure in your ability to pick a “good” web host, what should you do?

Sometimes, it is better to leave such decisions to experts. But if you are not able to afford a good web consultant, maybe you can check out some sites that give our web hosting awards?

Again, this is not a 100% fool-proof method as there might be exceptions. However, your chances would be significantly higher, since these sites rely on their professional reputations and will quickly rescind any awards given to companies that have bad reputations or display signs of instability.

Another way is to do an online search for “good web hosting”. Again, this is not very reliable as many web hosting companies will “seed” the internet with good comments about themselves. So, maybe an independent website rating service might be a better bet.

All the best to your search for the best web host.

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  1. The more widespread the webhosting service the better. Even if they get to a point where they can’t support the service anymore, if it’s corporate, they’ll have alternative solutions to the issue. And there’s one more thing: if the hosting company has international financing, it’s more stable. This means that, even if you need to change it, you’ll have enough time to do it properly.

    Lloyd Burrell
    Office Desk Reviews

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